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Celebrating Community this Holiday Season

Updated: Jan 8

The bustling streets of The Bottom District sparkled with festive cheer on December 2nd, 2023, as the community came together to embrace the holiday spirit during the first-ever "Christmas at The Bottom" celebration. The event, sponsored by Texas Heavenly Homes and The Golden SEEDS Foundation, marked a memorable start to the festive season, radiating warmth and joy throughout the neighborhood.

The jubilant occasion began with the illumination of a Christmas tree adorned with twinkling lights at the heart of The Bottom. The spirited tree-lighting ceremony, accompanied by merry tunes and the laughter of families, encapsulated the unity and harmony within our community.

Throughout the evening, neighbors and friends shared warmth and camaraderie, exemplifying the spirit of togetherness that defines our community. "Christmas at The Bottom" was not merely an event; it was a testament to the unity, resilience, and generosity that thrive within our neighborhood.

A joyus foundation

As we bid adieu to this inaugural celebration, the echoes of shared laughter and the spirit of unity linger in our hearts, serving as a testament to the success of the evening and laying the foundation for cherished traditions in the years to come. Thank you to all who joined us in making this event a resounding success, and we eagerly anticipate more joyous celebrations in the future as we continue to build a stronger, more connected community here in The Bottom.

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