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Our community

The Bottom Community is a historical neighborhood bounded on the north by the Trinity River Levy, on the west by Interstate 35E, on the south by Eighth Street and on the east by Corinth Ave.

Demographically, the Bottom neighborhood is primarily comprised of minority residents (African American and Hispanic) with educational levels typically at high school level, income brackets fall well below median income for Dallas.  The largest segment of this community is comprised of individuals aged 18-35; many heading single family households with school aged children. The longstanding stakeholders within the Bottom Community include:  Living Waters Church, Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church (The Golden SEEDS Foundation), City of Dallas (Trinity River Corridor Project Eloise Lundy Rec Center), Dallas Housing Authority (Brackens Village), Dallas ISD (Townview Magnet, N.W. Harllee Elementary) and the many families residing within the Bottom Community.




Community Wellness

The Bottom Community has been the home of the Eloise Lundy Rec Center, and the Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church for many years.  Golden Gate is one of the oldest stakeholder within The Bottom Community (80 years).  Both have long been the glue of the community to address the spiritual and quality of life issues that confront the citizenry of the Bottom.  Through its advocacy, discipleship and service, Golden Gate has served the community to work on its behalf and to always remain responsive to its needs.  Lundy Rec Center has long offered a place of fellowship and engagement for the children, seniors and families residing in the neighborhood.

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