The Master Plan details the development of economic and retail businesses along the I-35/Colorado corridor as well as Eighth Street.  Golden SEEDS plans to initiate pre-development work in partnership with the City of Dallas to acquire property along Eighth Street for neighborhood friendly retail.  The pre-development work involves feasibility studies to identify appropriate types of businesses and is also dependent upon the formal adoption of the Master Plan.  We envision retail outlets such as a grocery store, banking/financial institution, consumer goods (i.e., dry cleaners, etc.).  This all to replace the neighborhood detractors – abandoned buildings, vacant lots, motel and condemned buildings in major disrepair.


The advent of the I-35 expansion (planning stages currently underway within the Department of Transportation) makes the Eighth Street and the I-35/Colorado corridors prime access points to the Bottom Community and the Trinity River Project – increasing the appeal and necessity for Eighth Street’s re-development.



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