New Housing Development

The Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church created a community development corporation in 2004.

The Golden SEEDS Foundation was formed to address the needs of the Bottom Community in areas of housing, economic development, education, wellness and quality of life issues.   During this time, Golden Gate acquired 20 lots for future development.  Additionally, through its partnership with SEEDS, City of Dallas and its development partner, Texas Heavenly Homes more than 100 lots have been acquired for residential development.  Those 125 lots mentioned previously represent 25% of the total land mass within the Bottom Community. 


The Master Plan proposes the construction of single family homes for mixed income families.  In September, 2011, The City of Dallas certified The Golden SEEDS Foundation as a Community Housing Development Organization (CHDO).  This certification qualifies The Golden SEEDS Foundation to pursue funding and technical assistance opportunities from the City of Dallas and the federal government for the creation and construction of affordable housing.   Our plans include the construction of mixed income housing on the lots acquired.  We plan to construct a minimum of 125 new homes within The Bottom Community.


The City of Dallas invested $500,000.00 in our housing initiative – for land assembly and single family affordable housing construction.  This substantial investment represents the City’s commitment to our vision and future plans for redevelopment of The Bottom Community.


During 2015 we plan to finish the pre-development and start construction on the first 10 homes.  Additionally, we plan to develop and construct a senior housing duplex model home for future senior housing.  We have identified and met with the first families who desire to purchase a home, and have begun the preliminary steps for homebuyer education and underwriting.



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