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The Golden S.E.E.D.S Foundation, Inc. is a community development corporation born out the desire to become a conduit of resources into the neighborhood.


"S.E.E.D.S." stands for Sowing Encouragement Empowerment and Development for the Spirit of our community.


The mission of Golden S.E.E.D.S is to transform and revitalize the neighborhood (commonly called The Bottom) to create affordable housing, economic development and facilitate community building through social justice, biblical values and economic empowerment – creating hope for the most vulnerable in our community. This nonprofit organization was incorporated in 2004 and is governed by a community and volunteer based Board of Directors. Vincent T. Parker, pastor of the Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church serves as the Board Chairman. Libbie Terrell Lee is the Director.


The Golden S.E.E.D.S. organization, through its founding institution, the Golden Gate Missionary Baptist Church, Inc., is a major stakeholder in this community. Its presence is vital and insures the city of Dallas that there is sufficient community involvement strategically designed for civic inclusion,neighborhood empowerment and public advocacy. Through strategic planning and alignment, the organization is committed to addressing the issues and challenges facing this community; and is equally steadfast and resolute in establishing collaborative partnerships to support community renewal with a sustained economic environment.


The Golden S.E.E.D.S. service area is Interstate 35, Corinth Street, 8th Street and the Trinity River Levee.


Throughout the master planning process Golden S.E.E.D.S. routinely host meetings for the neighborhood designed to create meaningful dialog and conversations with the community and to allow the residents, property owners and other stakeholders opportunity to share their vision for the future and to solicit their input for the development of the community


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